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SMOI International is expanding its professional development portfolio. We have partnered with ADV Technical Institute to provide Live and On-Demand PMP certification training for project managers seeking the PMP credential.

Upcoming Live Virtual Training via Zoom

June 6-7 and June 13-14


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“As a speaker, Marcia is insightful, dynamic, as well as charismatic. She is the definition of professional as well as approachable. She has the knowledge, skills, and ability to help individuals reach their goals.”
"Looking for new leadership opportunities, I learned the importance of maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses."
“Dr. Bennett is all about training great leaders to maximize their potential.”
"I never thought about focus management instead of time management. That is so me!"

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About a month ago I was speaking at a virtual conference and I made the comment that perfectionism creates pressure which in turn affects productivity. A lot of people agreed[…]

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A recent article on “Why We Need to Stop Talking about Diversity of Thought” indicates this is a risky approach to diversity and inclusion efforts. Diversity of thought is “the[…]

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