Author: smoiintl

Do You Have Great Expectations?

Expectations. We all have them. We have had them since we were young. Some people have Great Expectations. Others have small expectations. Some people even have no expectations. Regardless of what category you fall into, the fact is that a majority of us have imagined that certain things would have happened by now in our…
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January 7, 2020 1

The Perfectionist Mentality

About a month ago I was speaking at a virtual conference and I made the comment that perfectionism creates pressure which in turn affects productivity. A lot of people agreed with this statement and it seemed to be widely accepted that many people suffer from what I call the “perfectionism mentality.” This mentality means that…
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January 7, 2020 0

Diversity of Thought

A recent article on “Why We Need to Stop Talking about Diversity of Thought” indicates this is a risky approach to diversity and inclusion efforts. Diversity of thought is “the idea that people don’t need to look different or identify with an underrepresented group in order to bring varying diverse viewpoints to the table.”  The…
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November 29, 2019 0