Unconscious Bias: Generational Stereotypes in the Workplace

Explore perspectives of generational work values and work-related outcomes such as job satisfaction, motivation, and turnover. Dr. Bennett’s presentation is adaptable to your needs, be it a keynote presentation, workshop or intensive with your leaders. Attendees will participate in experiential learning activities, group discussions, and reflective exercises. The purpose is to begin embracing a multi-generational workforce relying on the company to ensure employee growth and development.

Beyond the Surface: Moving Beyond the Unconscious Bias

Go beyond surface-level diversity to embrace and value your team's differences.

Provocative perspective about the unconscious bias. Dr. Bennett shows you why the unconscious bias is becoming obsolete. Using a combination of data, reflective questions, and strategic thinking, this deep dive intensive/presentation/training illustrates the transition from an “unconscious bias” to a “cautious bias.”

Speaker Reel